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Welcome to Louenna's
Bump, Birth & Baby Classes

At Louenna, we are dedicated to supporting you on your journey to parenthood. Our antenatal and parenting classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge, confidence and community needed during this special time. 

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Explore the comprehensive content of Louenna's Bump, Birth, and Baby classes, crafted to cover a wide range of topics, including the often-neglected post-birth period!


While other antenatal courses may focus solely on pregnancy and labour, we take it a step further with a unique combined course.

Our classes will give you answers to questions such as...

- What do I pack in my hospital bag?

- How to manage labour from home?

- What options do I have for pain relief?

- What to expect the first week post birth?

- How will I know my baby is getting enough milk?

- How to implement safe sleep?

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Meet Your Course Leader

Meet Your Course Leader, Lottie...

In 2018, Lottie qualified as a midwife, marking the beginning of her commitment to providing high quality, personalised care for women in the perinatal period. Recognising the gap in essential support for pregnant and postnatal women, she decided to step beyond the traditional hospital walls and explore innovative ways to provide support in different spaces and diverse ways. She has always been passionate about fitness and the benefits it provides to pregnant and postnatal mothers, so first obtained her qualification as a pre and postnatal fitness instructor, holding weekly classes in Suffolk. She went on to work as an antenatal educator and breastfeeding counsellor, offering individualised support through 1-2-1 and group sessions in various locations.

Expanding her role, she is now a Private Maternity Nurse for Louenna Nannies. This role not only allows her to practice what she advocates, but also provides continuous learning as she supports families caring for a newborn. Through the Louenna Bump, Birth, and Baby course, her aim is to cultivate a nurturing space for all parents and loved ones to participate in informative, enjoyable, and empowering classes.

  • Midwifery (BSc Hons)

  • Pre/Postnatal Fitness Instructor

  • Antenatal Educator

  • Breastfeeding Counsellor

  • Maternity Nurse


What the classes will cover:

Our 4-class course delves into various aspects. Class one guides you through everything related to labour, birth, and recovery. Classes two and three are dedicated to essential newborn care, addressing topics such as cord care, dressing your baby, nappy-changing techniques, bath time, managing dry skin, establishing routines, feeding and more. The fourth class is an engaging meet-and-greet session with your little ones, Louenna, Lottie and a Q&A session to wrap up the experience.


At Louenna, we believe in providing a holistic approach to your journey, ensuring you're well-prepared from birth and the beautiful moments that follow. 

Class Content

A Note From Louenna...

I am delighted to introduce our new Bump, Birth and Baby antenatal courses. 


This is something we have been working on and tweaking for a long time. I have been listening to parents and researching what they want to learn in the lead up to their little one’s arrival and I’ve spoken to hundreds of parents about what they wish they’d known before they’d had their babies.


And now we are ready to launch our tailored courses that balances knowledge about what to expect during the birth of your little one, as well as giving you that all important practical guidance on how to care for your new baby.


I want every parent to leave our classes filled with confidence and excited for their impending arrival!



Gift Vouchers
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Gift vouchers for our Bump, Birth & Baby classes are now available!

Lottie you are fantastic! You are so easy to ask questions to on the course and after. You have so much knowledge I just wish I lived closer so I could hire you as a birthing partner! Your teaching style suited me very well and I found I could have just kept listening to you preparing us for our new borns.

It was so informative even if you have already had a baby before I would highly recommend. I have left the course feeling I could give birth by myself without my birthing partner. The information provided is  paramount!

I felt extremely knowledgeable after this class and knew it was the right thing to do another anti natal. The first thing I felt as soon as I left the class was I knew what would happen in any event. Even with having done an anti natal course back in 2021 the information I took away from yours was second to none!

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