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Online Training with
Nanny Louenna

Louenna has created these online courses for you to work through at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Hannah O'Driscoll's courses, our speech and language expert on the Louenna app, are designed to give you the tools to encourage your little one's speech development.

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How to be the Best Nanny

After successfully mentoring many newly qualified Nannies, Louenna was inspired to launch this course to teach those new to the profession, everything they need to know to be a fantastic Nanny.

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Starting your Nanny Career

This course will teach you the basics of how to start your career as a Nanny.  Louenna has included her top tips when it comes to looking for the perfect family, the different roles that are available out there and all of the legalities that must be followed during the process.

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Talking Toddlers 15-36 Months

Daisy Play's “Talking Toddlers” course was created to help you help your toddler meet their language milestones, by revealing evidenced-based techniques, tools, tips and tricks used everyday by speech therapists to create more meaningful, effective language learning opportunities.

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The Secrets of Hiring a Nanny

This course will give you the confidence to choose the perfect Nanny for your family and inform you of the legalities that must be adhered to.


First Words 0-15 Months

Daisy Play's “First Words” course shares evidenced-based simple, but proven techniques, tools, tricks and activities to support your baby’s language development and help them say those beautiful first words- all without adding any extra work to your day!

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Bundle & Save

Everything you need from first sounds to first words and full sentences. With this bundle you'll get access to both of Daisy Play's courses:  “First Words” and “Talking Toddlers” and save big!

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