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Class Content

Class 1: Labour, Birth & Recovery

Packing your hospital bag

Birth place options

Recognising the beginning of labour 

Pain relief options: homeopathic and pharmaceutical

Induction of labour

Caesarean sections: planned and emergencies

The monitoring process


Labour and birth positions

The role of a birth partner

Episiotomy and tears

Active vs physiological 3rd stage of labour

 Delayed cord clamping and Vitamin K

The 'Golden Hour'

Recovering from birth: for both mother and baby


Classes 2 & 3: Caring for your Baby

Buying for your baby

​Practical preparations ahead of the birth

Setting up the nursery

How to change a nappy


Dressing a newborn

Holding your baby



Bottle feeding

Combi feeding

Winding your baby

Swaddling & safe sleep practice

Umbilical cord care

Top & tailing

How to bathe a newborn


Coping with crying

Wet and dirty nappies

Baby sick

Coping with tiredness

Establishing a routine

Using the Louenna app


Class 4: Meet Up and Live Q&A Session


Enjoy a morning with Lottie and Louenna, who will be delighted to meet your little one and to answer any questions you may have. Connect with other parents, share experiences, build friendships and create a supportive environment as you navigate parenthood together. 

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