Sleep Support Package

This package is suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages who are struggling with their sleep. Whilst the Louenna app aims to answer all of your sleep questions, we understand it can be beneficial to have direct contact with an expert as every child and family is different. 

This package consists of daily contact over a five day period via WhatsApp, email or telephone. Your consultant will give you a sleep plan to follow after your first call and can answer any questions you may have throughout the rest of the period. Please note that unless otherwise arranged, your contact days will be weekdays only. 

Common topics we have covered include:

The importance of routine

The link between food/milk & sleep

Self settling

Weaning off night feeds

Early waking

Taking the dummy away

Cot to Bed Transition

Sleep Training

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"Your team are amazing. So happy we reached out and got some help, it's been so important for my mental health after an exhausting few months."

"Having help getting into a routine and sleep training has been life changing for us. Such a great service, we can't thank you enough!"

"Getting help with my son's sleep was the best decision I made. In just three days he was sleeping through the night - the first full night's sleep we've had in seven months!!"

Happy Baby
Sleeping Baby