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1:1 Support Reviews

"We hired Aimee for four days and nights to help with some gentle sleep training for our third baby after having a hellish time sleep-wise with our first two, who we always regretted not getting some help with for with their sleep and routines.


We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Aimee again - she’s been an absolute life-saver. We were at our wits end with the sleep deprivation and the effect on my mental health was starting to concern me. But she’s come in and in four little days shown us that it’s possible to sleep train in a gentle and loving way without feeling like total monsters at the end of it! It’s the best decision we’ve made getting her in and I’d recommend her to anyone.


On a personal note, she has truly been a joy to have around. We are totally normal people - not the type to ever have nannies or hired help of any kind - so this whole thing was so alien to us, how to approach it or go about it. She put us at ease immediately and slotted in so well with our family, as I imagine she would with most. Our kids adored her and the house honestly feels quiet already with her gone! 


She is a credit to your agency and a true superstar. Thank you again Aimee!!!"

"I was having trouble with my 9mo sleeping through the night and with another baby on the way in 5 months we needed all the help we could get. The bespoke service we received from Janie was absolutely amazing. I was nervous about the call beforehand but she was so easy to talk to and gave me a number of helpful suggestions which left my partner and I full of  confidence. I can safely say that after just two nights of her routine, our little one slept from 7pm-7am and has been a lot easier during the day also. Your bespoke service is something I would not hesitate to use again and I can safely say that I will be recommending it to my friends should they need any support.

Thank you so much"

"I just wanted to leave a review of our experience with your sleep training course as we are so thrilled with the results, not only were they incredibly speedy, the whole experience felt so effortless. 


I was a little apprehensive about sleep training as I couldn’t ever bring myself to let our little one cry it out, but to my surprise with just a few simple tweaks to his routine (which we were already following from your app) and understanding his noises, he slept through the night very quickly and seems to be a happier and more content baby."

"If you are considering doing the 48hr rescue don’t hesitate book immediately. I had an 11 month old baby that co-slept, woke 5+ times in the night, fed to sleep and I was the only one who could put him to sleep, I was going back to a very demanding job so desperately needed to change things. From the moment you book Emily is on hand to really tailor her approach to you. She gave helpful advice prior to her arrival. Once here it felt like she had been here for months taking the time to get to know my son and gain his trust. She guided and handheld me through the process and answered all my questions and eased my anxiety. From the first night he slept 12 hours straight through and continues to do so and self settle himself. It is absolutely amazing. Emily reassured me I could continue to do it without her and I truly believe I can. It was incredible to work with Emily and hope to book her for my next child!"

"I had once a consultation with Alex that helped me a lot and I am a huge fan of your App, that was my greatest source from the very beginning on. I also gifted the app voucher to several friends. I was very sure that finding the right nanny with your help will be easy and indeed it was. Congratulations to your wonderful business, it is a blessing for mamas."

"I just wanted to pop you an email to give some feedback following the week’s support I have had with one of your nannies - Janie. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate all the time and advice she has given me over the last 5 days. I had been previously struggling with my little one napping during the day time (or not napping!!!!!) and dropping his 3am feed. Janie was so warm and kind at our first chat over the phone. She really took the time to understand what a typical day would look like for us and suggested a few small changes which in turn have made such an improvement, not just to my little ones happiness, but mine too! I can’t thank her enough for all her support over the last week and whilst it’s still not perfect, she has given me the tools and confidence to continue.

I also want to say thank you to you for everything you do on social media and for your app. It was a friend of mine who recommended your app, and believe me when I say that I have used it nearly daily!! It has been a god sent for me (and I suspect any first time mum!). I only wish I could have done your course whilst I was pregnant!!! 


Thank you for all that you do. You’re a true inspiration having the energy to do everything you do AND have your little one.



"Janie was fantastic, my husband said she literally changed our lives. Her 48 hour overview of our routines, feeding etc was invaluable and we now have a 7 month old who (mostly) sleeps 7-7 and goes down easily for naps. Really glad we got you guys involved just wish we had done it sooner!"

"The support team is absolutely brilliant - very experienced and incredibly helpful, willing to go above and beyond to help. I used their support package for sleep training and managed to get my baby to sleep through the night within a week with their advice offered at each step along the way and as a follow up. It’s been such a smooth process. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Alex was brilliant. Really lovely and completely reassuring. I didn’t think our son would ever go to sleep without being rocked but she sorted it immediately! He tends to get upset when anyone outside my husband and I looks after him too but he was really happy with Alex. A very positive experience!"

"When we were really struggling with sleep at about 5 months we booked a 48hr ‘troubleshoot’ consultation with Janie. She has transformed our son's sleep in a matter of days and did it all with such care, love and attention that we didn't want her to leave!"

"My husband and I are very grateful for the amazing service we received from Janie. She was kind and patient and provided pragmatic, pertinent advice. It has helped us to establish better routines for our daughter. And for us. Janie has a compassionate and encouraging approach, which built our confidence and competence as well as respected our boundaries. She went over and above what we expected for a consultation and was incredibly responsive to our MANY questions. I am sure we will be booking in again when our next, inevitable, curve ball hits, for top tips and a  good dose of reassurance.”

Eve’s sleeping has been amazing since we did the sleep training. Every night now she is going to bed between 7-7.30 and not getting up until 7ish. We have never had to feed in the night again and for quite a few days now we’re not having to go into her room at all. Just wanted to say thanks for all your guidance and support. We’re like different people now with all this sleep!

"Having Janie by my side for Leo’s sleep training was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and welcoming so I trusted her from the start. Her approach was firm but comfortable as I didn’t ever feel like I was pushed into anything. After seeing progress after day 1, her quick communication day and night meant I was able to do what was needed when different situations presented themselves. In addition her expertise on reflux and allergies was really helpful and definitely a cherry on top! Our little boy who was waking every 45 mins at night and had to be rocked and held for 10 minutes before putting in the cot, now goes to sleep with no crying after 5 minutes every time and has started sleeping through the night! Every happy parents and could not recommend a better person than Janie and the nanny Louenna app.

Affordable and tailored advice from people who know what they are talking about"

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