Travelling with Little Ones

Are you nervous about travelling with your baby or child? Is this your first holiday since your little one arrived? The Nanny Louenna team are here to put your mind at ease and help you plan your trip to make it as smooth as possible. 

This package consists of a consultation with a plan or list to follow.

Common topics we have covered include:

What to pack

How to help jet lag

Helping your child adjust to a new environment

Rules surrounding travelling with milk and food

Travelling with Little Ones

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'We went on a long haul flight when our baby was 4 months old - I was really nervous about it. After a call with the team, I felt confident on how to handle the time difference and Alex was full of tips to make the journey as easy as possible!"

"I took my toddler abroad on my own for the first time and it felt like such a daunting prospect. I highly recommend this package, I felt much more relaxed and the trip went really well as a result."

"We were due to go away with our six month old twins and I wanted to avoid packing everything we owned! I also didn't know which travel pram to buy - the call was really useful and helped me pack sensibly. Thank you!!"