'Back on Track' Package

This package is suitable for babies and toddlers who have previously slept well, but have suddenly started waking. Whilst the Louenna app aims to answer all of your sleep questions, we understand it can be beneficial to have direct contact with an expert as every child is different. 

 Following your consultation, your consultant will give you a plan to follow. A follow up call will be scheduled to answer any questions you may have and keep

an eye on progress. 

Common topics we have covered include:

Self settling

Early waking

Bedtime refusal

Climbing out of the cot or bed

Cot to bed transition

Toddler Back on Track Package

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"My daughter always slept well until she started walking at 18 months. I was so happy to get some support and get her sleep back on track, thank you!"

"Reaching out to the Nanny Louenna team was brilliant for us, our 20 month old now sleeps through again and we are ecstatic."

"My toddler was climbing out of his cot all the time so I needed help putting boundaries in place. After following the plan and moving him into a bed, he now sleeps all night!"

Boy on a Bed