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Read what parents have been saying about the app!


"Every answer and every worry could be found and solved in this app. I checked it multiple times a day and it was literally my guide. We were a confident and happy family thanks to this app! Get it… and then get it for all your friends!"

"I couldn’t recommend enough! I’ve had the app for a year and it’s helped me so much with baby! Especially in lockdowns! Thank you so much Louenna!"

"We refer all questions to this app- her routines are a godsend as well as the practical no nonsense advice! A must for all parents!"

 "It’s better than a book because you are able to find everything you need by searching keywords, very handy and the night mode function convert your tiring night feeds to a refilling “me-time-read” stuffed with useful information not even your mom could provide! Absolutely the Nr.1 Baby Must have!"

"The Louenna app is my go to for anything to do with my baby. She covers everything from sleeping, routines, what to take on holiday, feeding just everything you could possibly need to help give your baby the best start to life. The app is so easy to use and has videos as well as text to help you learn."

"Our life with baby, especially during covid, would have been very different than joyful and harmonious without this app. There is so much you have to deal as a (first time) parent and this practical “how to” to the new everyday life gave us so much confidence and answer to all of our questions"


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