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Temporary Vacancies

Here are all of our current temporary vacancies. Please apply to any position that you would like to be put forward for and the team will be in touch. 

Job Ref: LN34 

Location: Herne Hill, London

Salary: - £20per hour gross

Children: 1 child currently 5 months, will be 6 months on start date

Working Days: 4 days per week

Start Date: Start of April until the end of August.

Sole charge

Pets: No pets

Babysitting: Yes

Live Out

Driving License: Yes


Candidate Requirements:

Family are looking for someone with lots of energy but also a calm demeanour. They would love someone who is confident with young baby.


Candidate’s Duties:

Caring for the baby - feeding, napping, taking to classes etc.

Job Ref: LN24

Accommodation: Live in or out

Children: Four under 12 years

Location: North Norfolk

Dates: Thursdays and Fridays from 1st week of July until end of August (Family are away for one week during this period, 13th to 21st July).

Days/Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm 

Salary: £Negotiable

Driver: Yes

Family would like someone who is able to cook for the family, nothing particularly fancy, a weekly food shop is delivered so no shopping needed apart from maybe bits and pieces.  There is also a housekeeper in the house. Nanny would also need to be able to drive.


Family would like someone who is quite well trained and able to make sure that the children get any homework done, have specific reading time etc in the holidays. Someone who is happy to make sure the children are bathed every night and clothes. Family are so busy and really need someone who is very proactive and can make their life as easy as possible.

Reference: LN26

Accommodation: Live out

Children: 2.5y and 3m

Location: Bayswater, London

Start Date: ASAP

Days/Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm

Salary: £16-18ph

Family are looking for a cheerful and organised nanny to help with feeding, bathing, putting newborn/toddler to sleep. Nursery pick up and play buddy for toddler. Sleep training experience desirable but not essential.

Reference: LN31

Accommodation: Live in or out

Children: 2y and 7m

Location: Colchester

Dates: Mon-Fri for six months

Salary: £TBC

Driver: Yes

Family are unsure if they need live in or out at this stage


Candidate requirements: Family are looking for a friendly, kind and caring nanny to help with their two little children for the next 6 months


Duties Include: They would like general care for the children including meal prep and cooking and keeping on top of laundry.

Job Ref: LN64 

Location: SW3

Salary: £15p/h

Children: 3.5 & 18 months

Type: Temp Various dates throughout the year

Travel: They would love to build a relationship with a nanny who would be happy to travel on occasional holidays however this is not a must!

Working Days: 1st Date is Saturday 8th 

Family are looking for a responsible, caring, nanny to help them. Mainly babysitting, day work, accompanying on trips eg. for lunch etc when we are in London.


Family are only in London sporadically but would like to have someone there that they can use when they are there, so it’s very much an ad hoc position.

Job Ref: LN75 

Location: Abberley, Worcestershire, WR6 6AU

Salary: £16-20 p/h Negotiable depending on experience 

Start Date: 22nd August until 3rd Nov

Children: 3 (Girl)  2 (Girl) 3 months (Girl)

Type: Temp

Working Days: Monday-Fri: 7am until 9:30am and 3pm-8pm Weekend overtime available in October 

Live out but can provide accommodation if you need to live in

Babysitting: No evening babysitting but occasional weekend help if nanny wants extra hours 

Travel: No

Driving License: No

Sole charge or shared care: Sole charge


Family are looking for a confident nanny with gentle a approach. Fun, kind and happy to feel relaxed with the girls. Able to help if the girls have big emotions by talking them through it. Practical and into the outdoors! 


Mum needs a second set of hands to help with breakfast, getting dressed and to get children out to school and nursery. (Oldest will go to school 5 days starting in the September) Envisage the transition of starting school to have its challenges; Middle daughter will go to pre school 3 or 4 days a week and baby in no formal childcare, so maybe stay in with her whilst mum drops older children at school. 


Then for the pm shift- happy to play with the children whilst mum cook’s dinner and then help with bath, stories and bedtime. Baby still breastfed. Dad is a farmer and this is harvest period when he’ll be out 6am until 9/10pm so mum is really looking for a bit of support and for the children to have someone else who cares and can help with their needs whilst mum is just on dinner etc. 

Job Ref: LN77

Location: Battersea

Salary: £Negotiable depending on experience 

Start Date: 13th May

Working Days: 13th,14th,18th 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th May 8am - 2pm

                       21st & 28th May  4th,10th 17th June 7am-6.30pm 

Children: 2 (Girl)  1 (Girl) (4 week old but nanny will not be required to look after baby) 

Type: Temp

Live Out 

Babysitting: No

Travel: No

Driving License: No

Sole charge or shared care: Shared Care


Family would love a professional, experienced, independent, kind, nanny to help care for their two toddlers on a temporary basis. 


They would love someone who is capable of helping with meal preparation, taking children out to park, enjoy some playtime with them and help with collection from nursery.


Usual nursery duties such as keeping room/toys tidy doing children's laundry.

Job Ref: LN80

Location: North Norfolk

Salary: £15-20p/h 

Start Date: Start of July 

Children: 2 (Girl)  

Type: Temp

Working Days: Tuesday and Thursday 8am - 4pm All of July and the First 3 weeks of August

Babysitting: No 

Travel: No

Driving License: No

Sole charge or shared care: Sole charge

Little girl loves to play outdoors, spend time at the beach and in her garden.

Parents would love the nanny to give their little girl a fun summer and also keep on top of usual nursery duties the two days they were there.

Job Ref: LN83

Location: London N10 3LD

Salary: £18-22 gross per hour

Start Date: ASAP until 10th August

Children: 17 month old (Girl)

Type: Temp

Working Days: Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 5.30pm

Sole Charge/Shared Care: Sole Charge

Driving Licence: Preferred but not essential

Babysitting: Possibly but not essential

Travel: There may be travel in the time you are there but again it isn’t essential for the nanny to go with the family.

Pets: 1 Dog

Candidate requirements:

Family are looking for a calm and fun nanny who loves dogs and the outdoors.  The little one love creative play so someone who enjoys this is a must. Your role would be to take care of her while Mum is working. She usually works from home so if they are home having lunch or playing at home she will pop in to join in sometimes if her work schedule allows! They would love the nanny to prepare her lunch and dinner, take her out to do activities locally (there are lots of fun things to do within walking distance of their home such as classes, playgroups, soft play, parks, woodland walks). They have some friends nearby who have children a similar age cared for by nannies so we would encourage meeting up with them sometimes or inviting them over for playdates.

Job Ref: LN86

Location: Air bnb in Little Venice. 

Salary: Nannies usual hourly rate

Date’s: Monday 19th June all day into evening Wednesday 21st 6am - 6pm and Thursday 22nd June (hours to be confirmed)

Children: 47(Girl) 3 (Girl) 

Type: Temp

Working Days: Monday 19th probably from 3.30 pm to around 9/10pm Thursday 22nd would be from about 9.30am to 8/9pm. 

On Thursday there would be another 2 children, one who is the family's niece who is 10 and a friend's son who is 13. 

Sole Charge/Shared Care: Sole Charge

Family are hoping to find someone that is fun, energetic, caring to look after the children whilst they attend Royal Ascot.  They would love it if the nanny could take the children out somewhere to entertain them for the day, get meals ready and bath/shower them ready for  bedtime. 

Job Ref: LN90

Location: Norfolk

Salary: To be agreed with the nannies

Date:12th August approx 1pm to 8pm for one nanny and until 12am for the second nanny

Children: 6 Children between the ages 2 and 7 

Type: Temp

All the children are page boys/flower girls and so parents are hopeful that the nannies can help them get ready for the wedding then help out throughout the afternoon, meal, speeches, dancing etc.  Then once the little children go to bed one of the nannies can leave and one can stay on to keep an eye on the sleeping children. 

Job Ref: LN95

Location: Haughhead, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

Salary: £Negotiable but competitive 

Start Date: June

Children: 7 Months

Type:Temp three-four weeks Family are farmers and need an extra pair of hands at this busy time of year. 


Working Days: Tues, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday full days. 7am - 3pm ish but mum can be flexible.


Sole Charge/Shared Care: Sole Charge

Driving Licence: Yes

Babysitting: No

Travel: No

Pets: 3 Working dogs

Live Out

Candidate requirements:

Family are flower farmers, it would be great to find someone who enjoys being outside in the country. Who likes daily adventures, help with weaning, take little girl to and from nursery. She loves playing, walking, reading, chatting, and heading out to the peony field from time to time. 

Job Ref: LN102

Location: Roydon

Salary: Nannies usual hourly rate

Date:    31st May to meet family and spend the day with the children 

10th June 9am - 8pm

18th August 12pm - 9pm

Children: 6 Children 11 year old Twins, 10 year old, 5 year old, 2 year old and 20 weeks

Type: Temp

Family are looking for an extra pair of hands on these days.  Older children are very self sufficient so more to look after the younger ones.  Parents and Grandma around in the day however it would be sole charge in the evenings whilst parents are out.

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