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Sleep Support

Our most popular and sought after packages revolve around sleep. 

Contrary to what you might have heard from other sleep specialists, we don't believe that your baby or child should wake endless times during the night. Sleep is exceptionally important for not only their development, but also for your mental and physical health. 

We are non judgemental and know how easy it is to slip into bad habits, however we also know from experience that these habits can be fixed. You will be surprised at how quickly you see a huge change!

We know that your little one's night will reflect their day, therefore although these plans focus on sleep, we will help you with your baby or child's daytime routine, which in turn will help them sleep well at night.

We offer a range of support plans, from telephone consultations to in-home visits, which are suitable for babies and children of all ages. 


Our Sleep Consultation

A telephone consultation at a mutually agreed time with one of our dedicated experts.


We will discuss your baby or child's current routine, their feeding and sleeping habits, and create a tailored plan for you to follow, which offers all of our advice, tips and guidance to improve their sleep. 

Price: £250.00


48hr Rescue Package

One of our most popular packages.


A consultant will come into your home for 48 hours, enabling us to observe your little one during their full day. This enables us to give you all of our tips and tricks throughout the day and show you how this helps them to sleep peacefully at night.


You will be amazed at what we can achieve in 48 hours!

Price: £900 + Travel


Our 5 Day Sleep Plan

Daily contact with us over a five day period via WhatsApp, email or telephone. 


After an initial call, we will provide you with a plan to follow. We will then support you, offer our encouragement and answer any questions you have throughout the five day period, giving you the tools to succeed. 


 Price: £400.00


If you would like us to help you with your little one's sleep but can't find the right package for your family, please get in touch. We are happy to tailor a plan to suit your needs.

"Your team are amazing. So happy we reached out and got some help, it's been so important for my mental health after an exhausting few months."

"Getting help with my son's sleep was the best decision I made. In just three days he was sleeping through the night - the first full night's sleep we've had in seven months!!"

"Having help getting into a routine and sleep training has been life changing for us. Such a great service, we can't thank you enough!"

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