Reflux & Allergy Support 

If your baby suffers from reflux, it can often

come with a few challenges such as feeding and sleep.

Whilst the Louenna app aims to answer all of your weaning questions, we understand it can be beneficial to have direct contact with an expert, especially if you have a reflux baby or are navigating potential allergies.

This package consists of an initial consultation with a plan to follow,

followed by a follow up call.  

Common topics we have covered include:

Could it be more than just reflux, is there an allergy?

When to seek medical advice

Help with keeping your baby comfortable

Feeding tips

Reflux Support

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"We had been back and forth to the GP worried about our son's reflux to no avail, however simple and practical tips from our consultation really made a difference. Thank you!"

"Following a tough birth and feeding journey, I was at my wits end with my baby's reflux and CMPA and didn't know where to turn to. Janie really helped us make her more comfortable and improve her sleep and feeding. Amazing."

"Our twins had a rough time with a dairy allergy in the first few months and also battled reflux. We didn't know about milk changes and easy changes we could make to help them. Thank you so much."