Preparing For Your Baby

We can help you prepare for your little one's arrival by offering tailored advice

on what to purchase to suit your lifestyle, ensuring you have the most

practical products and set up before your baby is born. 

Common topics we have covered include:

How to save space and buy the minimum you need

Advice on products that will be suitable for future use if you have more children

Which pram is best for your lifestyle: countryside, city or frequent traveller

Which carseat is best for you

Whatever your questions are, we are here to help. Your consultation will include one call with a member of the Nanny Louenna team, with a personalised plan to follow. 

Preparing For Your Baby

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"Alex gave us really practical advice on what to buy before our baby was born. She old us where we could save money and what was worth spending extra on. Highly recommend her help!"

"I have told all my friends to get this package. We live in a really small flat and learning the ins and outs of space saving with a new baby was invaluable to us - thank you!!"

"My husband and I travel a lot so we really wanted to buy equipment that would be easy to move around. We found our call so helpful and wish we had done it sooner!!"