Potty Training

This package is suitable for parents or caregivers wishing to have one to one support through the potty training period, or for additional support if you are struggling. Whilst the Louenna app aims to answer all of your potty training questions, we understand it can be beneficial to have direct contact with an expert as every child is different. 

 Following your consultation, your consultant will give you a plan to follow. A follow up call will be scheduled to answer any questions you may have and keep

an eye on progress. 

Common topics we have covered include:

How to begin

Fear of going to the loo

Bed wetting


Potty Training Package

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"Our potty training journey started off well, however when Max started to go backwards I panicked and wanted someone to speak to. Alex was brilliant and so reassuring- thank you!"

"Having a professional to discuss progress with really helped me and my son. I was nervous about getting rid of nappies but am so glad I bit the bullet and got some help."

"I was getting mixed signals from my daughter and wasn't sure if she was ready or how to encourage her to start. After speaking with Karen, I felt much more confident and we had a really positive experience."

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