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Louenna's Bump, Birth & Baby Class

Secure your place on our new and exclusive antenatal course, merging invaluable experience and expert knowledge to uniquely prepare every parent-to-be. 

Led by a qualified midwife, this four class course covers everything from labour, birth, newborn care and beyond, by combining evidence-based information with practical skills from expert Louenna maternity nurses. 

Join us and experience our warm and welcoming venues, providing the perfect environment to forge lasting connections with fellow parents to be. 





9th March 2024 : 9am-1pm

23rd March 2024 : 9am-1pm

6th April 2024 : 9am-1pm



Your course provider, Lottie, will be in touch to invite you and your little one to a meet up and Q&A with Louenna.  


This course costs £450 for up to two people to attend.


The Baby Service, Chobham, GU24 8QP

Surrey's luxury baby boutique. The Baby Service specialises in baby clothing, classic toys, nursery furniture, pushchairs, gift hampers and bespoke services

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  • How many people will be in my class?
    We limit our classes to 8 expectant mothers with their plus ones. We believe this enables a more intimate teaching setting and allows everyone attending to get the most out of their class.
  • Am I able to bring my children?
    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your children during these classes.
  • Will there be refreshments?
    Tea, coffee and water will be provided.
  • What happens if I am unable to attend a session?
    If you miss a class in either Suffolk or Chobham, due to illness or emergency circumstances, we will always try to accommodate and place you in the next available class, but we cannot guarantee there will be availability. If you cannot attend, please email giving us as much notice as possible.
  • Is this course for first time parents only?
    Our course is designed to benefit all parents, regardless of whether you're welcoming your first baby or adding to your growing family. Given that information and advice evolve with new research, our course is tailored to provide you with the latest and safest insights. Times change, and so does parenting guidance - what may have been recommended years ago might not be the same today. We are committed to ensuring you leave our course well-informed, educated and having gained valuable tips and tricks we've acquired over the years!
  • What's included?
    The course fee includes: ● Class 1: labour, birth, and recovery. ● Class 2 & 3: newborn care. ● Class 4: Enjoy a morning with Lottie and Louenna, who will be delighted to meet your little one and to answer any questions you may have. Connect with other parents, share experiences, build friendships and create a supportive environment as you navigate parenthood together. ● Class notes to take home, serving as a valuable resource for future reference whenever you need a quick refresher. ● Exclusive discounts on the Louenna App. ● Special discounts from other partnering businesses. ● A Louenna goody bag.
  • Which course dates should I book onto?
    For the optimal experience, we recommend parents enrol in a course aligned with their gestation. This ensures you receive a wealth of information at a point in your pregnancy that strikes the perfect balance - not too early, preventing the risk of forgetting important details by the time labour approaches, and not too late, allowing you ample time to feel well-prepared. An added benefit is the opportunity to connect with others in the same trimester. Meeting fellow parents-to-be who are navigating the same stage of pregnancy provides a unique chance to share experiences and potentially forge lasting friendships for both yourself and your little ones who will share similar ages. With this in mind, we have tailored the course for you to start ‘Class One: Labour, Birth & Recovery’ between 23-30 weeks gestation.
  • Who should I bring as my plus one?
    The course fee covers you and a plus one, and the choice of who accompanies you is entirely yours. However, for the most comprehensive experience, we recommend having the same person attend all classes with you. This ensures that both of you receive the full scope of information and experience, facilitating mutual support as you welcome your baby into the world.
  • Do you offer these classes on a 1-2-1 basis?
    Absolutely! If you're interested in receiving Louenna's Bump, Birth and Baby classes in a private setting, please contact us at for more details and get in touch with us to arrange the classes at a time that suits you and our course instructor Lottie.
  • What are the timings of each class?
    Class One: ● Labour, Birth, and Recovery: 9 am to 1pm Class Two: ● Newborn Care: 9 am to 1pm Class Three: ● Newborn Care: 9 am to 1pm Class Four: ● Q&A + Meet & Greet: 10am-12pm
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