Home Support Packages

The Nanny Louenna Team are now offering support

packages within the comfort of your own home.

Night Nannying


If you would like a member of the team to look after your little one at night so

that you can catch up on sleep, night nannying is the perfect support option

for you. A member of the team can come to your home and take care of feeding, changing and settling your baby throughout the night. If your baby is breastfed, arrangements can be made such as expressing milk into a bottle or having

the baby brought to you for feeds and then settled afterwards.

If you would like a Maternity Nurse for 24 hours instead of nights, this service is also available. 


Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.


Sleep Training

If you would like a member of the team to come to your home for three nights and sleep train your little one, this package is perfect for you. A consultant will arrive in time for the bedtime routine to start, and leave at around 7am in the morning. They will look after your little one overnight and re-settle them as per the agreed sleep training schedule. 

Price of Package: £1350.00 including two further days of WhatsApp support.


Home Consultation

If you would like a consultant to visit you in your home and observe you and

your little one, a home consultation is the perfect choice for you.


Your consultant is able to cover a wide variety of topics such feeding, sleep,

behaviour and weaning issues and show you how to make changes.

Package includes:

2 Hour Home Visit

Written Plan 

Follow Up Call

Price: £275 + Travel Costs

48hr Troubleshooting Package

If you are struggling with sleep or find your little one is unsettled and you aren't sure what the cause is, a consultant is able to visit you in your home for a 48 hour period. 

Your consultant will be able to determine what changes can be made to your little one's routine, feeding and sleeping habits to ensure you get on the right track going forward. They will also be able to give you a break and look after the baby so that you can catch up on sleep.

Package includes:

48 Hour Home Visit

Written Plan 

Follow Up Call

Price: £900 + Travel Costs

"Emily came to stay with me Maternity Nursing for 5 days when my partner went away to help look after me and my 3 month old daughter. I had never had a Maternity Nurse before so didn't know what to fully expect, but Emily certainly exceeded all expectations I had on every front. Most importantly I immediately felt a huge trust of her with my baby, and felt able to lean on her to help do resettles almost from the get go.

She was so engaging with my daughter, and my daughter bonded with her so quickly getting lots of smiles.

In addition to that Emily just really helped look after me. Probably the best care I've received since giving birth. Always ensuring I was hydrated and fed. Encouraging and supporting me with her positivity and energy. Emily's levels of proactivity are unlike anything I've seen before - sorting out drawers, hanging out washing, emptying dishwashers - all with zero prompt. My the end of her stay I was seriously considering kicking my partner out so Emily could move in she was that good, and I have already booked her in again."

"We feel so incredibly lucky to have had Alex's caring support and professional guidance while we learnt how best to look after our son. Alex first came for a night when Otis was 4 weeks old and on key nights since. It has been the perfect solution for us to be able to gain the confidence and of course the whatsapp support which is perfect for those panicky moments! I genuinely think Alex has been truly instrumental in our sons life, she helped us to get a reflux diagnosis a lot early than we might have without her experienced eyes and that ensured we got taken seriously be doctors and our son is now thriving. I can't thank her enough and love that I know she'll be with us for this next stage of sleep training now he's 4 months old. Let the fun commence!"

"My wife Emily and I would like to share that we had an excellent experience with Janie. We appreciated her compassion, dedication, and responsiveness at all hours. She has a great sense of humor and supported us through the difficult experience of sleep training our son. After only a few days he has gone from waking up every few hours to sleeping 12 hours uninterrupted. Thanks to Janie’s help, all of our lives are much improved."

"My husband and I are very grateful for the amazing service we received from Janie. She was kind and patient and provided pragmatic, pertinent advice. It has helped us to establish better routines for our daughter. And for us. Janie has a compassionate and encouraging approach, which built our confidence and competence as well as respected our boundaries. She went over and above what we expected for a consultation and was incredibly responsive to our MANY questions. I am sure we will be booking in again when our next, inevitable, curve ball hits, for top tips and a  good dose of reassurance."