Support with Early Waking

This package is suitable for all ages and is perfect if your little one has got into the habit of waking early and you would like some support to get them to sleep later in the mornings. Whilst the Louenna app aims to answer all of your sleep related questions, we understand it can be beneficial to have direct contact with an expert as every child is different.

 Following your consultation, your consultant will give you a plan to follow. A follow up call will be scheduled to answer any questions you may have and keep

an eye on progress.

Early Waking

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"My baby was waking at 5am every morning and I was running out of ideas on how to fix it. I got in touch with the team and within a week he was sleeping until almost 7am again - magic!"

"After three months of my 3 year old starting the day at 4.30am, I'd had enough. I spoke to Janie and she gave me some tips on how to get this sorted - he now doesn't wake until 6.30am. Huge progress, thank you"

"Early mornings were really taking a toll in our house, especially as I am pregnant with number 2. I reached out to Nanny Louenna and have a 7-7 sleeper once again, AMAZING"