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If you would like 1:1 support from a member of our team then this is the perfect package for you. Your consultation will be carried out on the telephone or via zoom, whichever you prefer.

 Following your consultation, your consultant will give you a plan to follow. Additional follow up calls can be purchased if you wish.

Common topics we have covered include:

Potty Training

Behavioural Support

Early Waking

Fussy Eating


Feeding Issues

Eczema & Allergy Management


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"Our potty training journey started off well, however when Max started to go backwards I panicked and wanted someone to speak to. Alex was brilliant and so reassuring- thank you!"

"Following a tough birth and feeding journey, I was at my wits end with my baby's reflux and CMPA and didn't know where to turn to. Janie really helped us make her more comfortable and improve her sleep and feeding. Amazing."

"I was getting mixed signals from my daughter and wasn't sure if she was ready or how to encourage her to start. After speaking with Karen, I felt much more confident and we had a really positive experience."

"I was exhausted and finding breastfeeding difficult - I needed some extra support to get into a routine and get some more sleep. After just a few days of following our plan, we had a different baby. Thank you!!!!"

"We didn't introduce a bottle until five months and found it really difficult. I was going back to work and getting anxious that he wouldn't drink anything! Janie helped us massively and he now drinks bottles no problem. Thanks again."

"Our little boy wouldn't eat anything other than toast and pasta. It was so useful to learn how we can teach him to try different things gradually step by step"

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